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Dharmahorse is a center of Compassionate care & education.  

Use this site to learn and explore the world of Herbal Equine Healing
& Schooling Without the use of Pain

We teach kindness and holistic life choices for
people and animals through integrative, organic
models that heal.



"The whole idea of struggle brings you to a point of conflict, the antithesis of horsemanship" ~ Katharine


invite you to discover our distinctive way of being with horses. One that fosters mutual respect and well-being through our "well of experiences". Each horse has positive and negative 
experiences that "fill his well" like drops of water fill a vessel. If his "drops" are mostly positive, he expects positive things in new situations.  Positive experiences can override negative experiences in time. We humans also have "Wells of Experience". Join us through these offerings and add positive equine experiences to your life.


Please note: Equines (horses, ponies, donkeys and mules) are large animals who often react instinctively to situations with a flight response. If you are not an experienced trainer or rider, we suggest you find experienced, compassionate help when working with horses to avoid injury. Our stories and articles are offered as information only and are not to be considered "coaching". When it comes to health and healing: illness and injury require the attention of a health care practitioner. We offer our experiences as information only.